Courses offered in the Autumn Spring 2018 at Haaga-Helia Open University of Applied Sciences.

Course Offering

On this page you can find:
  • Haaga-Helia Open University of Applied Sciences courses offered in the Spring Semesters 2018
  • Course schedule
  • Enrolment status of the courses
    You can also register for the queue, place of study is going to be confirmed at the first lesson).
Select different kind of search criteria (for example degree program you are interested in) and press Show courses. In order to see all the courses press the Show courses. After this you can search for courses by entering keywords in keyword field, eq. the name of the course or the course code (eq. ACC3LF006-13).
Register to the Haaga-Helia Open University of Applied Sciences by filling in the online registration form. Tuition fee for the Spring semester 2018 is 150 €.
PLEASE NOTE! There are admission requirements for the courses in degree programs conducted in English and in master level courses. Please see those requirements from each course unit in an additional information.

Spring term 2018

Spring term begins 2.1.2018 and ends 8.6.2018.
Spring term lessons will be during 15.1.2018 - 18.5.2018
Intensive weeks: 2. - 12.1.2018 (week 1-2)
1st period: 15.1. - 16.3.2018 (week 3-11)
Intensive week: 19.3. - 23.3.2018 (week 12)
2nd period: 26.3. - 18.5.2018 (weeks 13-20)
Intensive week: 21.5. - 8.6.2018 (week 21 - 23)
Holidays: 19. - 23.2. (week 8), 30.3., 2.4., 1.5. and 10.5. In addition 29.3. and 30.4. teaching ends at 5.30pm.
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